Question types

Optivote is capable of handling various question types including:



Multiple choice with up to eight answer options

Multiple choice with more than one correct answer possibility

Comparison graphs  - to test the opinion shifts in your audience. Explored in more detail below.

Interactive voting results graph depicting bespoke colour choices
Sample 'live results' graph

Comparison graphs can be used, for example, to determine the shift in audience opinion during your event. A question is posed to guage opinion early in the day and the same question posed again later in proceedings.


This sample question was posed in the early stages of a conference and the results graph shared with the audience.


The opinion here is edging towards the "Disagree" so the challenge during the event was to shift that opinion to the left.


The same question was posed later in the day and the results look more promising.


Once the operator calls up the previous graph a direct comparison can be made between the two. Both the presenter and the delegates can see here the shift in opinion to a more "agree" stance.

Voting results graph before
Results graph when question posed at the outset
Voting system graph of audience results
Results graph when question posed later in the day
Audience responses shown on comparison graph
A comparison between the two graphs shows the shift in opinion