Set up on the day 

We will provide you with an experienced operator for the day included in the hire price. This takes the strain away from you and your presenters.


Our operator will bring along all the voting handsets, receiver unit and switching device and will set it all up, often liaising with your or the venue's audio visual representative.


You write all the slides in straightforward PowerPoint and supply a copy to our operator. We will make your slides interactive, you don't need any special software, just your own PowerPoint slides. Our operator runs their slides in parallel with your presenter's slides.


During the presentations, which your presenters run as usual, when a question slide is reached our operator will seamlessly switch the display to his laptop. The audience can then vote (all controlled by the operator) and the results graph shown (optional) on the big screen.


Once the results have been discussed your presenter just moves their slides on as usual and our operator switches back to the presenter's laptop.


The PowerPoint show moves on as usual.


Please note that even if you opt not to show the results graphs live, all the voting results are gathered automatically by the system and available, after the event, in comprehensive reports.

Audience shown using the voting keypads
Live results create lively debates and interactivity