Building on responses whilst presenting

We used the voting buttons as a means of ensuring our audience remained engaged for the duration of a day-long forum.


With a number of slides to present throughout the morning, we regularly encouraged audience participation by including interesting questions, votes and opinion polls in order to gauge the mood of the room.


The buttons worked perfectly, there was no need for lengthy instructions and the feedback from our 80+ delegates was all extremely positive. Barry offered excellent support throughout the day and brought with him all the technology needed to set up the voting slides quickly and easily. Even with some last minute amendments to the material, it all worked perfectly.


The buttons certainly served their purpose in helping keep the audience entertained and engaged, and also allowed the speakers a moment to reflect and build on responses whilst presenting, rather than ploughing through slide after slide.


Matt, HR Programme Manager.

MWH Global - dry hire experience!

"We decided to use Optivote Handsets as part of our engagement survey and to use the output in further breakout sessions. 


I first contacted Jeff 2 weeks before our first session.  He convinced me that the handsets were easy to use but I wasn’t convinced!


I found Jeff extremely responsive and helpful in the process leading up to us using the handsets.  As promised, the handsets arrived in plenty of time and were extremely easy to use  - they went down very well with our 3 separate groups of employees. 


They were fun to use but more importantly added great value to our sessions. 


I would thoroughly recommend using them and when Jeff tells you they are easy to use – they really are!"


Antoinette Maiella

MWH Global

Topdeck Travel stimulate their end of year crew conference

To stimulate colleagues at their annual end of season crew conference Topdeck Travel chose to dry hire our audience response system. With our Quick Start Guide and simple to use system they were able to add interactivity to their PowerPoint presentations.

"Many thanks for all of your assistance and guidance for us to utilise your kit on Friday. It was a great success and we will certainly use you again in the future".      

Barry Mahon

Topdeck Travel


Interactive "Work In Progress" with Carley Consult

Delegates using voting handsets to reply to onscreen questions
Audience response system in action with Carley Consult.

As part of Work in Progress 2015, Carley Consult were keen to create an event which was truly interactive and very much delegate focussed.  Carley Consult approached Optivote to assist with their ‘Interactive Work in Progress Survey’ which gathered opinion from over 100 delegates on key issues facing their industry.  The system was also used throughout the day for one off questions and to compare opinions before and after sessions.


Each delegate was issued with an Optivote interactive handset with which they could enter their answer choices.


Complicated and in depth answer options were discussed then voted upon with live displayed results shared with the audience stimulating informed debate.


The corporate theme was enhanced with the four main logo colours used in the results display histogram. The results of the survey were compiled after the conference and sent to all attendees which gave Carley Consult a further opportunity to connect with delegates and share information with the wider industry.


"Thank you Optivote for all your help with Work in Progress 2015. Your efficiency, advice and experience ensured that we were fully prepared and that the session ran smoothly.   As an added bonus you also kept our tech team on track, glad your eagle eyes were on our team".


Jane Shelley

Training & Events Manager

Carley Consult Ltd


Virgin Trains get speedy results.

In order to measure the opinions of business leaders
within Virgin Trains Drew used the Optivote system to
quiz his colleagues before and after presentations.


Comparing the two results gave a clear indication of the shifts in levels of understanding.


" Thanks for making my event today run smoothly
 with the voting. I'll definitely do business
with you again in future. "


Drew McMillan
Head of Internal Communications
Virgin Trains

CORGI liven up the Gas Safety Management Conference 2015

“Many thanks for everything that Graham did at the Conference. It all went very well and the voting really livened up the sessions

Graph of live voting displayed to delegtes at Annual General Meeting AGM of Gas Safety Management Conference
Live results display helps engage the audience

Sue Dormer, Marketing Director, CORGI Technical Services.


Optivote provided the service for the Gas Safety
Management Conference 2015 at which there were
250 delegates who were gas managers from Housing
Associations collectively responsible for gas
safety in over 2.5 million social housing homes.


"We would very much like to do the same next year too... having done this once I am sure  we will be more adventurous next time!"







London Office opens

New office to service our customers in and around London.

We believe running a voting system hire business is all about first class, reliable, customer service and to support our customers in London and the South of England we have opened our new office in Farringdon.

With two technical operatives in the capital our new office will serve both as a base and a customer meeting point. We are more than happy to come to you to discuss and demonstrate the features, functions and benefits of using voting systems in your event but if you want to visit with us we now have a base with excellent meeting room facilities here in London.

For companies and organisations in London you now have a local voting system hire company with a hire fleet and technical experts on hand. If you are running an event in London we can service your needs from our new facilities in EC1M.

For customers in the North of England we maintain our long standing offices in Leeds.

West Midland (South) NHS Trust CLRN event at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry

To ensure that their invited audience were thoroughly engaged in their presentations the CLRN decided to give each attendee a voting handset with which they could respond to the questions posed by the various presenters.

Dinithi Perera, Senior Administration Officer, commented "we're really pleased with how the voting system worked and have had lots of positive feedback… worked great!".

In the scenario where the CLRN had not engaged with this particular audience before they needed to keep the delegates focussed on the key message of the day. Involving the audience in the material rather than bombarding them worked well.

"The interactive voting system was very popular with the delegates" said Mark Terry R&D Facilitator. Dinithi further offered that "the service that Optivote provided was wonderful". Thanks Dinithi, our technical operatives are always keen to work seamlessly with our customers to make sure the event runs smoothly.

Rotary International Annual Conference

When challenged to make the Rotary International 2011 conference more participative and not boring, Amanda Watkin turned to Optivote for help.

With 600+ eager Rotarians expected to attend Amanda was keen to ensure that the opinions of the audience were clearly heard and acted upon during the event.

The Optivote handsets were distributed to each attending delegate with thought provoking and often probing questions being posed on the main screen on which the organisers sought candid opinions. The results were shared immediately with the audience in graphical display and debated by leaders of the organisation as a consequence.
The delegates found the participative interaction stimulating and a refreshing approach to conference.
Amanda commented

"Thank you Jeff for your calm professional approach to audience polling – you and the system were great!"

Amanda Watkin

Scottish Housing Association's "Best ever event"

Dunedin Canmore Housing Association's tenants gave their vote of approval to Optivote in their October conference in Edinburgh.

Measuring the association’s progress and sharing tough economic news with their tenants Dunedin Canmore used the Optivote system to get immediate and open feedback.

The results prompted Harry Woodward to comment:

"Thanks so much for the Optivote system for our Tenants conference and your support before the event and on the day.

Tenants voted the event (our fourth) the best ever and especially the question and answer session, which not only gave them the chance to feedback their views, but showed the answers they gave straight away - proof that it was a worthwhile exercise in not only getting their views but showing what we need to do together in the future (and confirm the great progress we are making on service delivery!).

Having used Optivote at the Staff Conference and now the Tenants Conference, I think it will be a large part of future consultation we do with staff and tenants and it's great to think we can call on you in the future to help with this."

Harry Woodward
Tenant Participation Officer
Dunedin Canmore Group

Web address

Raven's Got Talent Winner voted for with Optivote

Saturday 25th September saw Optivote used at the 9th annual Raven Residents' Day held at the Harlequin Theatre in Redhill

The three Raven's Got Talent finalists performed in front of Raven residents who then used Optivote to vote for the winner. All three produced exceptional performances on the day which left the audience with a difficult decision. After a few minutes of deliberation the audience was asked to use their Optivote handsets to vote for their favourite.

The competition was won by 13 year old Ryan Belcher who narrowly beat both Georgia Miller and Laura Martin and took home a prize of £250.

The Optivote system was then used throughout the rest conference with the residents answering questions and giving their opinions on additional services from Raven.

Jenny Rawlinson, Business Change Manager commented:
"Optivote was an ideal choice for us for the conference as it gave us a way of interacting with the residents that we have never used before. The fact that Optivote supported the event for us meant that the results of Raven's Got Talent could be delivered accurately and immediately. We even received a report for all of our questions before the end of the event".

Web address

Measuring Effectiveness

Faced with changing the audience's understanding of employment opportunities in adult health care Skills For Care decided to measure the perceptions held by their delegates before the event got underway and again after the day’s efforts.

The Optivote system gave Skills For Care a quick, simple and engaging method of measuring opinions pre and post event. The results gave a definitive measure of the shift in the audience’s perception as a consequence of the day's work.

The team at Skills For Care could see and enumerate the effectiveness of their presentations, workshops and invited speakers during the event.

With events taking place across the country measures could be compared venue to venue.

Project Manager Pippa Doran was delighted with the effectiveness of the system.

ACCSEAS Second Annual Conference

The three day conference was held in Edinburgh at the Dynamic Earth and aimed to provide a progress update on the ACCSEAS project. There were demonstrations, workshops and guest speakers.

Voting was inserted at convenient points during the conference discussions in order to obtain the delegates opinion and perception of the issues relating to navigation and safety around the North sea.

Panel discussions were held on each of the suggested solutions that had been demonstrated and a vote was then taken to determine the audiences' view on the feasability and usefulness of the ideas.

Children England Conference

Children England held a conference to decide upon their objectives to be put to the political parties in forthcoming elections.

Nick Davies of Children England wanted his delegates to rank the objectives that had been prepared from suggestions.

They then voted upon their top 3 out of a possible 6 in each category.

The Optivote RFLCD handsets were used as they allowed ranking of up to 8 choices in order of preference. Reports were produced after the votes and were immediately available to the audience given them immediate feedback of their chosen objectives.

Citizens Advice Bureau AGM & Annual Conference 2012

With 750 delegates gathering for the annual general meeting and annual conference the Citizens Advice Bureau looked to Optivote to speed up proceedings when it came to delegate voting.

The AGM kicked off proceedings and Jo Hampton, Company Secretary commented "It went very well and the delegates enjoyed using the voting pads".

The three day event saw the voting pads in constant use to measure the delegate's opinions and reflect the results back to the audience immediately prompting informed debate.

The Great Hall at Exeter University provided the backdrop to a stimulating conference reflecting the tough economic times in which the organisation has to operate.

By using the audience participation system the voices of all 750 delegates could be measured to determine their views of the challenging times.

Skills For Care Staff Conference

Keeping their 170 staff members engaged, interested and motivated during a full day's presentations was the challenge faced by Skills for Care.

By breaking the day up into streams and adding interactive voting sessions throughout they achieved their objectives for the day and could measure their success to prove it.

Leeds Town Hall provided an impressive backdrop to the day's proceedings. Working closely with the presenters on the day we were able to edit slides on the fly and help deliver an excellent event.

"Thank you Jeff for your great service on Wednesday at our staff conference at Leeds Town Hall. All of our colleagues were really excited and enthused to use the system and to get an opportunity to be interactive. The system worked seamlessly and our presenters could present in confidence and know that the system would not let them down. All in all a fab event"

Angela Grant
Events Coordinator,
Skills for Care

Bristol Natural History Consortium Annual Conference.

About 150 delegates enjoyed a two day conference at the impressive Council House in Bristol.

The use of the Optivote system prompted the following quote:-

"Optivote handsets allowed our delegates to anonymously give their opinions and feelings on controversial issues at our recent environmental communication conference.

This meant that the speakers were able to adjust their presentations and questions to the "reality" in the room – with a much better result overall.
Jeff was totally efficient and helpful, and a friendly presence who came in and instantly became a part of the conference team. Thanks and see you next year!"

Savita Custead
Chief Executive
Bristol Natural History Consortium